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JOB Experience

2022 - Now


Business support engineer 

• Implemented a wireless network to provide secure and reliable wireless access to users.
• Supporting a wide range of activities, from customer router activation, configuration, routing, IP management, technical fault triage and resolution from core network through to customers device 
• Troubleshoot network-related issues including routing, wireless links , Wireless Sectors, internet data, and  point-to-point services.
• Design & validate radio frequency link performance, quality, and reliability.
• Providing onsite support to remote sites.
• assess customer needs, identify challenges or issues, and configure solutions that are customized for their individual needs.
• assist with achieving a satisfactory resolution to any issues or problems a customer may be experiencing.

2022 - 2024



• IGW configuration CISCO multi-Layer Switchs
•  Conducted migrations, upgrades, and operational care of the Orbit  IP network.
• Layer2 & Layer3 technical proficiency with BGP, OSPF,EOIP,GRE Tunnel,vlans
• Nat & ACL configuration for cisco ASR 1004
• Network analysis and routine troubleshooting
• Manage & Monitor ( FNA & GGC & other CDN )
• Provide support for PPPOE & queue Mikrotik ( CCR 1xxx )
• Monitor network measurement via Zabbix & PRTG
• Design & development infrastructure Intra-POPs and backbone traffic by using Wireless Microwaves (Mimosa & Netronics)
• Planned large-scale network maintenance events and develop network architecture
• designs for POPs growth.
• Engaging in on-call rotation shifts 24/7 or whenever necessary
• Establishing, designing, and implementing the network layout to improve network efficiency
• Provided platform recommendations on client networks based on customer
• requirements and feature testing.
• Run and implement automated systems for mass changes on the network via scripting

2022 - 2024



• Handling NOC daily tasks including configuring and troubleshooting network
• Performed extensive traffic engineering measures to assure compliance with
corporate service level agreement dictates and in response to network events
• Ensuring last mile connectivity with customers is working normally through
monitoring wireless links and modifying links parameter to ensure the connectivity,
also reporting and escalating the issue with other teams.
• Provide 1’st and 2’nd level support for many network services.
• Configuring mikrotik devices as switches, dhcp, hotspot and PPPOE servers, firewalls
and nating.
• Monitoring the network using PRTG. and intermapper 
• assist with achieving a satisfactory resolution to any issues or problems a customer may be experiencing.


2020 - 2022



• Review infrastructure designs that support services, which include Broadband, IPTV, Metro, and ISP services.
• Suggest design optimization and implement designs within the network.
• Perform configuration of network routers and switches to implement IP Network design including OSPF, BGP, IS-IS Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service.
• Create documentation for high-level design and low-level design, and any installed base records.
• Create configuration management system, training manuals and troubleshooting processes for all node configurations.
• Knowledge and expertise to develop systems and procedures geared towards the maintenance of the IP Network, to ensure it is functioning as per design and the availability of the network with minimum downtime.
• Investigate, troubleshoot and restore any customer, or ISP services outage or fault.
• Performed detailed analysis to determine root cause and follow-up activities.
• Monitor Core Data/IP dashboards, which clearly define service performance trends and functional performance of the IP network as part of operational routines for detection of issues and capacity planning. 


2020 - 2021


Technical Support

• Establishing main link settings and configuring for new clients while working on Mikrotik, Cisco, Huawei, Nexus, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, devices and router boards.
• Monitoring the network to ensure stability. 
• Reporting the Up/Downtime.
• Coordinate with the TRM and NOC team.
• Responsible for all nodes distirbution switch configration

2013 - 2020

AL - Ayadi Group For Real Estate - ON-SITE


•  Supervising daily operations of network and server infrastructure
•  Aligning IT infrastructure with current and future business requirements and goals
•  Managing IT budgets, forecast, handling cash flow and enforcing cost-effectiveness
•  Evaluating risk, developing network recovery and backup processes
•  Assessing and purchasing new and replacement hardware
•  Assuring that IT activities are within the limits of applicable laws, codes and regulations
•  Testing, troubleshooting and adjusting information systems to operate effectively
•   Implementing security of the network, data and its storage and communication systems

The major achievement at this stage is the design and implementation of the first optical cable network
( FTTH )  in the Al-Ayadi residential complex, delivering the optical cable to the residential apartment.


European University | Bachelor's Degree

I completed my bachelor’s degree in computer and informatics engineering in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and it is considered one of the advanced universities in this field.

AL-IRAQIA UNIVERSITY | Bachelor's Degree

I completed my bachelor’s degree with a specialization in network engineering, one of the reputable public universities, with a complex study and under the supervision of successful professors in the field 

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